Shout Out To My Coach Zachary

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Hey everyone! Here is a really quick photo update of my current status. I’m still running at least 4 mornings a week and going to the gym 6 days a week for around an hour. I usually do a 20-30 minutes run in the mornings after I’ve had my coffee but before I’ve eaten any breakfast. This is my HOUR OF POWER! It is one of my favorite parts of the day where I can literally talk to myself, amp myself up and motivate myself to take action with not only my health and fitness goals but also my relationship, career and life goals. I use this time to literally create the life I want to live in my head, visualizing it down to the most minute detail and opening my mind up to new questions & answers as to how I can achieve these things. One of my favorites is saying “Every day in every way I’m getting stronger and stronger. Every day in every way I’m getting leaner and leaner. Every day in every way I’m feeling more and more energy and vitality.” When I say these incantations out loud while I’m running I can feel myself becoming more and more energized, feeling stronger and feeling invincible. Definitely helps me to push harder! I suggest trying some incantations for yourself the next time you go for a run, walk or at the gym (maybe say them to yourself while you’re at the gym).

December 30th 2012

I usually go to the gym in the late afternoon, early evening for about an hour. 5-10 minute warm up followed by a 25 minute lift then 15-30 minutes of cardio. My usual sequence of daily muscle groups is LEGS (quads & calves) > ARMS (biceps & shoulders) > ABS & BACK > LEGS (glutes) > ARMS (bi’s & tri’s). I switch up the cardio by constantly changing the machine I use. Some days I get super intense with it, other days I’m really just not feelin it or I reeeeally just want to pin stuff on Pinterest.

Zachary Phelan Health & Wellness Coach

I want to point out that NONE of this would have been possible without the help of my coach Zach Phelan. He’s a personal trainer and intrinsic coach with a degree in Exercise and Wellness and he knows his stuff! Not only that but he listens and understands. He comes from a completely unbiased and nonjudgemental place to offer suggestions and advice. He offers coaching over the phone and your first session is totally free. Below is his contact information.
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