Another Month Long Fitness & Nutrition Challenge

Picture 15

With the holidays passing and starting a new job at the beginning of January I let myself get very lax with my diet. I haven’t been eating as clean as I normally would. February marks the beginning another month of experimentation with my fitness and diet.

First off I’ll give you a little insight into the last two months of my diet and exercise. My coach and trainer Zach told me for months that I would, after a lot of hard work, reach a point where I would be happy with my body and would simply be maintaining my current fitness level. Well I reached what I thought was that point around mid December. I felt and looked good. Here and there I was breaking my diet and not seeing any physical ramifications of my indulgences. I thought to myself “This is awesome! Now I can almost eat whatever I want and stay the same!” Because of this I kept pushing the envelope seeing just how much cheating I could get away with without seeing any bad changes in my body. Well I pushed the envelope too far and am now ready to get back on track. I’m not saying I’ve gained ten pounds or anything but I’m definitely  feeling soft, lazy and hazy. I’ve eaten candy, cereal, cake, burgers (minus the bun), nachos, fries, and drank my fair share of beer, wine and margaritas. I’ve also been horrible with my normal running and gym routine. For example in November I ran an accumulative of 33 miles. In December I racked up 44 miles. January I ran a pathetic 11.4 miles. Wtf Sam?!
My gym sessions have been more sporadic as well averaging 3-4 per week versus my usual 6-7. I can also feel myself needing to switch it up with my lifts and routines.
In general it is just time for me to dial it all in!

Therefore February marks a month of experimentation! I challenged myself back in August to cut out all gluten and dairy with awesome results! I’m looking forward to February’s dietary and exercise changes and the results they will produce!

Here’s the run down:

Amping up the veggie intake and reducing the grain intake:

I LOVE my oatmeal protein pancakes and muffins but having one every morning might not be the best decision so I’m limiting myself to two protein pancake breakfasts per week. My delicious little oatmeal concoctions will be replaced with egg white salads topped with homemade salsa 5 days a week, no exceptions.

Picture 16

There will be a lot of heavy meal planning going on in my kitchen this month! Better make a run to Ikea for some more tupperware!

At least one juice a day:

I got an awesome juicer from my mom for Christmas, Jack Lalanes Powee Juicer, and it is bad ass! Juicing is an amazing and delicious way to get a huge dose of nutrients in a very readily available and quick way. Zach says every time he has one he can literally feel the nutrients being sucked up into his body.  Not to mention after you drink it you feel like a million bucks! I try to make my juices more vegetable based than fruit based. My favorite is: kale, spinach, carrot, celery, cucumber, lemon and ginger. Very tasty! Going to be stocking up on my veggies this month for my daily juicing!

Picture 23

I’ll take my coffee black:

For a few months I’ve been putting sweetened vanilla almond milk in my morning coffee. I think some of the binders and extra crap they put in the delicious stuff messes with my stomach so now I have to say goodbye. It will be black coffee with cinnamon for me from now on.

Picture 24

No more grazing at work:

I’m currently working at a high end Burger Bistro at a resort and the food is AMAZING! There’s always food around for us to eat and I can’t keep my sticky little fingers out of those damn BBQ chicken nachos. No more! Luckily the resort offers a cafeteria to all employees so I will be getting a salad from the salad bar each day I work. I also will be packing lots of veggies and protein to graze on. My packed lunches will look something like this: raw green beans, mini peppers, cucumber, carrots, celery, mixed greens, kale or spinach topped with grilled chicken, ground turkey or tilapia.  Now I can graze to my hearts desire!

Picture 20

Sounds a little fishy:

I read over and over how great fish is when dieting but I hardly ever buy it for two reasons. One: its expensive! Two: I don’t know how to make it. No more excuses. I’m committing to at least two fish dinners per week.

Picture 25

Bikram Yoga:

Zach found an amazing deal on Amazon Local for two months unlimited Bikram Yoga. If you’re unfamiliar with Bikram it’s a form of yoga done in a heated room usually about 110 degrees. Each session is 90 minutes of insane sweating and stretching. There’s only about 26 poses in Bikram but the health benefits are amazing including: excretion of toxins, increased circulation, aiding in digestion and improving the immune system. I am committing myself to at least 5 days a week of Bikram. I’m stoked to see the changes my body will undergo!

Picture 22

Run Forest! Run!:

After a month of slacking on my morning runs I am committing to running 35 miles in February. Why only 35? Because i will be doing Bikram 90 minutes most days and that will be plenty of cardio. Bring it on Nike+!

Picture 21

Changing up my lifts:

In the next few days I will be researching some new exercises and learning to perfect the form of my favorite oldies but goodies. I will be sure to share these with you.

Picture 26

I think that should cover it for all my challenges this month. I will continue to keep you all updated and be adding more informational tid-bits in the following weeks!

It’s going to be a challenging but exciting month!


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