How To Eat Clean On A Tight Budget

I know many of you say one of the hardest things about eating clean is the cost. What are some ways you can afford to eat clean all of the time? What are some things you would be willing to forego in order to eat clean daily? organic-produce-section I can tell you this, yes eating clean is slightly more expensive. If it’s too expensive opt out of the organic stuff. Even if you are buying non organic produce you are still MUCH better off than buying those pop tarts! Zach and I rarely buy organic because we eat ALOT of food every week and we can’t afford organic. Also, eating clean means you won’t eat out nearly as much and all of your meals come from home. How much do you think that will save you? I mean before this week how many of you were getting a Starbucks every morning for 4.50 and buying your lunch at at least 8.00 a day. Just that alone 5 times a week is $47.50 a week just for your lunch! And $8.00 is on the low end! Do you know how many clean lunches you could make with $47.50? I bet you could make enough lunches to last you at least two weeks. Shop smart! Only buy produce that’s on sale. Although I hate walmart they do have one reason for me to shop there, ad price matching. I use an app called favado. It tells me all of the ads in my area for the week. I make a grocery list and go through the ads on favado and find the cheapest price. I make note of the price and the store with that price. Then when I go to check out at walmart I tell the checker I’m doing some as price matching ( I try to make it as easy as possible so I keep all the price matched items together ). I save so much money by doing this and I don’t have to go to 3 different grocery stores. Btw I also hate safeway because they are soooo ridiculously over priced! Finally, I think of it like this, what is more important? – fueling my body with nutrient rich food at a higher price? – or clogging up my body with sluggish crap that is cheaper? You pay for the nutrients! Although the fresh stuff is more expensive you are getting more nutrition from it. Where the cheap stuff has less nutrients. You get what you pay for and your body will show that! What’s the point in buying $50 in new clothes if you hate the way your body feels anyway? Spend that $50 on good fresh whole foods for a while and you bet your ass you are going to look fantastic in ANYTHING you wear! So I don’t want to hear the excuse of how expensive it is because you can make it work and your body will thank you when you get it figured out.


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