5 Day Clean Eating Challenge!


I’m really excited to announce that tomorrow marks my second hosting of my 5 day clean eating challenge!! Last month I hosted this great program and the results the women had who participated were incredible!! By Friday I was almost in tears from all of the challengers comments of gratitude with their amazing results and how great they felt.

What is this 5 Day Clean Eating Challenge all about? Its about eating delicious, fresh, whole foods for just 5 easy days to see how great you feel by day 5. There are no calorie restrictions but I do ask that everyone go dairy and gluten free for the entire 5 days as well as no alcohol, yes I know, no fun in that. But I can promise you by the time you are finished with the 5 Day Clean Eating Challenge you will be down a few lbs and feeling like you have a ton of energy and your cravings will be almost non-existent! Yep, it only takes 5 days! Many of the women who participated not only lost the weight but felt compelled to keep going on their clean eating streak!

At the beginning of the week I gave them all a meal plan and a grocery list. I gave them the choice of following the meal plan or going off on their own. The meal plan is super easy to follow and perfect for busy moms and the working ladies! All of them were surprised to see that they didn’t have to spend more money in order to eat clean since they were preparing all of their meals themselves and weren’t having to eat out.

I also did ask that they get some form of exercise during the 5 days. It didn’t matter what it was or how long it was. Most of them were able to squeeze a quick run, hike or workout into their daily routines.

I even made a competition out of the whole week. I posted a score sheet in which they were responsible to keep track of their points for each day. At the end of the week they each tallied their scores and sent them to me. The prize was getting to choose whatever piece of jewelry they wished off of my jewelry website, Gypsy Tribe! How fun is that?!SAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCIMG_433510568899_10100396592727194_8151769594244385967_n-1Here are some quotes from the ladies coming out of this challenge.

I have not been seen in a bikini in 2 years at least. As hot as Las Vegas is, I always avoided pools or lakes with friends summer after summer  I finally felt good enough about myself after losing 9 lbs and went to celebrate my best friend’s bday at Drai’s Beach Club, the newest pool party venue on the strip  Had a blast. Nothing tastes as good as confidence feels “

Thank you so much Sam! I can’t say it enough, you are such an inspiration! Thank you so much for doing this challenge and letting me be part of it”

Sam we couldn’t have done it without you…you’re a Rockstar Coach! Congrats to all!!! 
I just went and bought my weeks worth of groceries and have my meals planned.”

5 days is a short time, but I lost 2 lbs without going to the gym once, just stuck to the diet and recipes you gave Sam”

This challenge overall has motivated me, held me accountable and inspired me more than I can never tell you ladies!! Thank you so much Samantha, I really appreciate you putting on this challenge!!! I have been eating pretty clean, but after this challenge it’s given me so many more ideas for healthy foods as well as inspired me to continue to make my life healthy with fitness! I wasn’t trying to necessarily lose weight, but I lost 2 pounds. I feel more toned and not so “fluffy” around my mid-section, which was my goal. I am seeing subtle changes already and am loving it! I will definitely miss this group of motivating ladies and checking in with all of you multiple times a day. If somehow we could keep this positive, uplifting, healthy habits, clean eating challenge group going, I would be all in for it!!!! Thanks again to all you ladies for keeping me motivated, I will forge on with this healthy, happy, eating clean and training dirty lifestyle!!!! “

I was a little skeptical about what kind of changes I would see in just 5 days. I was very surprised at how much more energy I had by the end of the week. I am someone you don’t talk to before I’ve had my coffee, but come Friday I no longer felt like I needed any. I was more motivated to work out and stick with it because I knew so many others were struggling with me. I lost 3 pounds this week, and I am very motivated to continue eating clean and working out. Thank you so much Samantha Jane for hosting this group. You are a great coach and motivator, you tell it like it is and that’s is awesome! My goal is 20lbs by the end of the year and I know I can do it. Thanks again Samantha!”


It was easy! It was fun! We held each other accountable! We supported each other! AND we all felt great at the end of the week!

Now you have the chance to join us with this awesome opportunity! We start tomorrow so don’t hesitate to send me a message letting me know you are ready to begin this challenge! Be sure to Like my Facebook page EAT CLEAN TRAIN DIRTY to keep you updated on all of my upcoming challenges! Looking forward to getting you motivated and back on track towards a slimmer, happier, more energetic and all around better YOU! Big hugs! -Samantha


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