Postpartum Transformation


It’s been an incredible year! From walking across red hot coals at Tony Robbins UPW in LA, to watching Independence Day fireworks over a crystal clear lake in Northern Idaho, to enjoying a waterfall back massage in Alabama, to sledding in South East Alaska while 6 months pregnant (I don’t recommend it), to having my first child May 8th 2014. My body has gone through some very dramatic changes over the last year. Last spring coming fresh out of UPW and having an incredible new outlook on life, along with a vegan diet for 30 days, I was in the best shape of my life! I was running at least 15-20 minutes every morning, lifting weights for 35-45 minutes in the afternoon followed by another quick 15 minute cardio session, then heading to work as a server in a busy high end restaurant where I went non stop until 11:00 every night. I felt full of energy and vitality!


Then in August of 2013 my amazing boyfriend and I got pregnant with our beautiful son Sebastian Stone. Along with pregnancy came a whole mix of emotions especially when it came to the changes in my body. I immediately put on 5 pounds, which on my tiny 4′ 10″ frame accounts for quite a bit. I hadn’t had overwhelming cravings for starches and sugars for quite some time however, pregnancy made me despise my beloved salads and crave anything carbo-licious. The first trimester and most of the second trimester are difficult because I was gaining fat, losing muscle but didn’t look pregnant just yet. My confidence was down but I had incredible support from my boyfriend who continually complimented my growing bust and booty and was constantly telling me how cute or sexy I was. It wasn’t until halfway through the second trimester when I looked obviously pregnant that I was able to be at peace with the changes in my body. If you’re newly pregnant and having the same struggles I was then rest assured, you will get your mojo back and truly enjoy your full baby belly!


Luckily I never experienced the extreme discomfort many women go through nearing the end of their pregnancy. I gave birth to Sebastian AKA Bash on May 8th 2014 at 40 weeks and 3 days. By the end of my pregnancy I had gone from 110 lbs to 142 lbs, a 32 lb difference. Now two weeks postpartum I am 16 lbs from my pre baby weight and am so excited to get back into my fitness routine with Bash in tow.


Once Bash was here my bad food cravings had finally subsided (for the most part) and salads full of lean protein the veggies sounded delicious again! Now I am just on the look out for some fun new exercise programs to try and new recipes to whip up.

Here’s to another amazing year full of energy, vitality, challenges and love with my beautiful new family! CHEERS



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